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About Keshet Holistics


Keshet Holistics is the sister company of Keshet Crystals, a holistic shop selling crystals, incense, essential oils and more. You can find us nestled in the heart of Petersfield, at 22 The High Street.

Keshet Crystals is owned by Tivka ( hello.. that's me!)

I opened Keshet Holistics as I recently qualified as a certified masseuse in Swedish, Bamboo and Indian Head Massage. I combine these treatments with my Angelic Reiki and Crystal Healing training, and there is truly nothing I love more than welcoming people into my treatment space, and helping them to feel better, on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Whether that be feeling more relaxed and less stressed, or energised and invigorated, I am passionate about caring for each individual and their needs.

In my personal life, I make sure I get a massage twice a month, and have done for the last year or so. I find massage so incredible for so many reasons. Firstly, as a dancer I find it really important for my physical health to release muscle tightness and increase blood circulation for improved recovery. Mentally I find it an amazing time to shut off from my busy mind and the outside world. Spiritually I often find I release and process a lot during a massage without even realising. Our bodies hold onto more than we realise, and massage really does work to release what no longer serves us.



My dream for Keshet Holistics is to provide a place where I can help people to slow down and relax, take time for themselves and feel better in their daily lives because of it. 

I love chatting to everybody, and seeing what different people need for their treatments to make it the most effective for their individual body and mind. There is no one size fits all with massage and healing, and I love connecting with people from all walks of life, and helping them to unwind and find their calm.

cropped view of professional masseur massaging back of blonde woman with bamboo stick, ban
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